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Church Imports .Com is a leading supplier of Religious Icons, Church Supplies, Jewelry, Incense Burners, Christian Crosses, candle stands, Hagiographies, Mount Athos Icons, Christian Small gifts, vigil oil lamps and orthodox wedding products. We specialize in the style inspired from the beauty of both traditional and Byzantine and Greek Orthodox Christian crafts and arts . We are manufacturing all the wood related items in house. You can find more of our items of non-religious nature and see our wood sculpting labs here.

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Byzantine Icons
- Byzantine Icons Emvacic
- Classic Icons
- Flower Hagiographies
- Hagiographies
- Handpainted Hagiography Icons
- Icons with Silver 920-950
- Metal Icons
- Prophet Hagiographies
- Various icons
- Wooden Icons

Candle Stands
- Candle stands for Holy Table Akoimita
- Candle-stands from Silver 950
- Casting Brass Candle stands
- Traditional Candle-stands
- Various Candle-stands

Catholic Icons and Classics
- Classic Catholic Jesus Christ Icons
- Classic Catholic Saint Icons
- Classic Christian Theotokos Icons

Christian Books
- Children Orthodox Books
- Christian Life
- Christian Orthodox Life
- Christian Views
- Greek Books
- Orthodox Apologetic
- Pilgrimage
- Sinaxari Sinaxaria

Christian gifts
- Amulets
- Baptistical Pins
- Blue Evil Eyes
- Calendars
- Children Rings
- Christian Statues
- Gift Certificates
- Gifts and Donations for the Church
- Gifts for Priest Church Father
- Gifts for the Christian Car
- Key Rings
- Lanterns
- Neckwear Items
- Praying Ropes
- Small Metal Icons
- Triptychs & Diptychs
- Votives

Christian Music
- Christian CDs

Christian Wedding and Baptism
- Baptism Boubounieres and Martirika
- Baptism Pins
- Baptismal Fonts
- Evil Eyes
- Wedding Boubounieres
- Wedding Crowns and Woodcases

Church Supplies
- Altar and Communion Covers
- Anditheron and Artoclasia bowls
- Anointing Oil Bottles
- Baptismal Fonts
- Candelabrum
- Candle Cases
- Candles etc
- Church Banners and Flags
- Church Fans Exapterigo
- Church Furniture
- Ecclesiastical Bells
- Ecclesiastical Censers
- Ecclesiastical Chalice Set
- Ecclesiastical Zeon
- Gospels - Evangelium Coverings
- Holy Communion Wine
- Pectoral Crosses, Engolpion
- Prosphora Seals
- Tabernacle, Holy Bread Box
- Various desk accessories

- Crosses for Cenotaphs
- Crosses from Blown Glass
- Crosses with Hagiographies
- Metal Crosses
- Wooden Crosses

Hand-made and Hand-painted Items
- Handmade and Hand-painted Items
- Handmade Christian Icon Creations

Icons and Religious Items
- Iconostasi Icon Cases
- Icons with Oil Cup and Lamp
- Miniature Icons of Classic and Byzantine Series
- Porcelain Religious Icons
- Replicas of Miraculous Icons from Mount Athos Monasteries
- Special Silver Icons

Incense Burners
- Incense Boxes
- Incense Fragrance and Coal
- Traditional Incense Burners

Print Catalogs
- Online Download
- Printed Catalogs

- Altar Boy Vestments
- Folk Dance Greek Church Festival Costumes
- Priest Vestments and Patterns
- Rassa and Anteri

Vigil Oil Candles Kantili
- Brackets for Hanging Vigil Oil Candles
- Hanging Vigil Oil Candles
- Oil candles for Holy Table - Akoimita
- Standing Vigil Oil Candles
- Votive Kantili Cups
- Wicks and Floats for the Vigil Oil Lamps

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Icons Hand-painted by our Hagiographers
Replicas of Miraculous Icons from Mount Athos Monasteries
Miniature Icons of Classic and Byzantine Series

Theotokos Icons
Jesus Christ Icons
Saint and Prophet Icons
Various Theme Icons

Theotokos Hagiographies
Jesus Christ Hagiographies
Saint and Prophet Hagiographies
Various Theme Hagiographies

Theotokos Silver Icons
Jesus Christ Silver Icons
Saint and Prophet Silver Icons
Various Themes Silver Icons

Byzantine 'Emvacic' Series
Classic 'Emvacic' Series

Flower Silver 950 Framed Hagiographies
Prophet Silver 950 Framed Hagiographies
Religious Jewelry and Neckwear Items

Gospel Covers, Evangelium Cover

Handmade and Hand sculpted Frames and Christian Products
Orthodox Greek Wedding Crown and Cases
Baptisms: Baptistical Pins
Baptisms: Gold 14/18K Evil Eyes
Baptisms: Affordable Gold Plated Blue Evil Eyes

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Holy Communion Wine


Altar Boy Vestments
Altar Boy No.83-1

Wooden Icons
The Holy Forefathers Joachim and Anne

Prophet Hagiographies
Saint Antonio


Holy Communion Wine


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